con4PAS unifies integration platform at Carrier Commercial Refrigeration on SAP CPI

con4PAS unifies integration platform at Carrier Commercial Refrigeration | con4PAS

Carrier Commercial Refrigeration, a global leader in refrigeration technology-based in Cologne, Germany, has decided to unify the integration platform across solutions as part of its digital transformation and choose con4PAS as a integration partner.

September 30, 2019

Based on its experience, con4PAS has prepared a strategy to migrate to the SAP Cloud Platform Integration (also known as SCPI) platform for individual nonSAP applications and has designed a roadmap for its integration with a focus on the needs of each department. The primary goal of this transformation is to unify the integration of most of the nonSAP applications with SAP back office on one major platform, flexible enough to meet current, as well as future-coming requirements.


Carrier Commercial Refrigeration is a leading supplier of highly efficient complete cooling systems and services to the food retail industry. The company operates in more than 20 European countries and is well established in the Middle East and Asia. For customers across all types of food retail formats across these regions, Carrier Commercial Refrigeration provides a range of solutions and services. This activity is supported by six European plants, two in Asia and top R&D centers in Germany and China.


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