GASCO deploys predictive analytics solution for demand forecasting and replenishment

GASCO deploys predictive analytics solution for demand forecasting and replenishment | con4PAS

con4PAS, a leading provider of SAP Customer Experience consultancy, has partnered with National Gas and Industrialization Co. (GASCO), the national distributor of LPG in Saudi Arabia, to automate gas replenishment for its tank customers.

September 7, 2021

GASCO deploys predictive analytics solution for demand forecasting and replenishmentGASCO wanted to build on the success of its SAP C4C based sales automation system to simplify gas reordering for commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers as well as to empower its sales force with superior demand forecasting. These customers use overground or underground tanks of various capacities. Refilling automation would significantly expand GASCO's capability to receive new orders.

con4PAS used powerful statistical techniques and machine learning to develop a predictive analytics model that harnessed a customer's current and historical ordering data to calculate and propose the next estimated replenishment date. The model catered to exceptions and borderline scenarios. Customers receive alerts on their mobile phones which would enable them to perform one-click reordering. Anticipating customer orders enables GASCO to improve the efficiency of its demand and supply planning.


"Enabling gas replenishment through predictive analytics brings unprecedented convenience to our customers who can make in-time mobile ordering and avoid surprises," said Fahad Ibn Ateeq, CIO, GASCO. "We trusted con4PAS to leverage advanced analytics and we are happy with the outcomes."


The solution is an impactful case in point of the digital transformation underway in GASCO.


"Automation enables the contact center associates to focus on higher-value tasks. In the process, we are making LPG ordering trendy," Fahad added.


National Gas and Industrialization Co. (known as: Gasco) is a public company, listed on Saudi Stock Exchange “Tadawul” (TDWL). Gasco operates within the Utilities sector focusing on Gas Utilities. Gasco is based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and was established in December 1963.



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