S/4HANA 1909 News for Procurement Processes

S/4HANA 1909 News for Procurement Processes | con4PAS

Let´s take a look at the new applications and changes which bring version 1909 for procurement processes.

September 8, 2020

Manage purchase requisitions

  • Create Purchase Requisition  possible to search for catalog items by an image without having to enter a description. They simply use the image they take with their smartphone or upload existing images.
  • My Purchase Requisitions – a new feature in the application allows you to add new items to existing PRs.
  • Create Purchase Requisition – Advanced – new possibilities in the application when you can view the approval history of a purchase requisition.
  • Edit and Approve Purchase Requisition – user can edit specific fields in the purchase requisitions to which the user is assigned as an approver before approving them.
  • Purchase Requisition Average Approval Time – in this new application is possible to identify the average time taken to approve a purchase requisition from the time of its creation.


Manage purchase orders

  • Mass Changes to Purchase Orders – in this application, you can select and change the purchase order headers and purchase order items separately.
  • Purchase Order changes – you can view the number of changes made in the purchase order.
  • My Purchasing Document Items – Professional – you see an overview of the items in your purchasing documents for each supplier.
  • Monitor Purchase Order Items – allow you to predict delivery dates of the purchase order items and if it matches with expected delivery dates.
  • Monitor Supplier Confirmations with the new features in the application you can display purchase order confirmations from the supplier.



  • Manage RFQs – with the button History you can display all log changes for RFQ. Also, the feature Ged Bidder Proposals in the application allow you to show the list of potential suppliers that have delivered the required materials.
  • Request for Quotation Types – allows displaying of RFQs according to types that have been created in the SAP S/4 HANA.


Manage purchase contracts

  • Manage Purchase Contracts – with new features is possible to create purchase orders directly from a local purchase contract.
  • Mass Changes to Purchase Contracts – you can apply mass changes to fields at header and items in central purchase contracts.


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