SAP Ariba – Q4 2019 News

SAP Ariba – Q4 2019 News | con4PAS

What’s new in the procurement world? Read what the SAP Ariba application release Q4 2019 provides. We present to you the most interesting news.

October 29, 2019

What's new in operational procurement:

  • SAP Ariba source-to-pay process overviewNotify preparers and requesters when orders are generated – These emails from SAP Ariba Buying notify preparers and requesters about the completion of approval for their requisitions and view the details of the corresponding purchase orders.
  • Enhancement to importing requisitions with expired or deactivated catalog items – With this feature, during requisition import, items are imported as non-catalog items if matched catalog or contract items are inactive or have expired during requisition import. This allows the requisition to be valid and submitted, resulting in faster processing time.
  • Simplified procurement of services – You can create service requisitions and service purchase orders without adding child items.
  • PO-based defaulting of taxes, charges, and discounts on manual invoices – When a user manually enters a PO-based invoice in SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing, the tax, charge, and discount information for the line items are copied from the purchase order.
  • Require lower-level commodity codes in requests – With this feature, users can now be required to choose lower level commodity codes when completing line item forms, RFQ forms, or non-PO invoices.
  • Sending accounting splits, comments, and custom fields on requisitions to SAP S/4HANA – Starting with this release, line-level comments, accounting split information (accounting distributions), and custom fields are sent to SAP S/4HANA when users submit requisitions for approval.


What's new in strategic procurement:

  • Search for contract workspaces using contract terms – This feature allows you to filter a contract workspace search based on contract terms by creating expressions consisting of contract term names and contract term values.
  • Supplier management project template import and export support – This feature introduces full template import and export support for all supplier management project types.
  • Allow Scheduling Agreement as a document type for integration with external systems –Feature allows users of SAP Ariba Contracts to select the scheduling agreement as a document type for integration with external systems.
  • Display of item-level audit logs in material 360° view – With this feature, audit logs related to actions on material items are captured and displayed in the new Audit Log section in the material 360° view page. Only members of the Materials Manager group can view the Audit Log section.


What's new in Ariba Network:

  • Order report enhancements – This feature changes the Order type report to Excel format, adds more data fields.
  • Supply Chain Monitor – Graphical tools to configure, monitor, and manage transaction alerts. Buyers can customize which tiles to display and what content each tile shows.
  • Ariba Network duplicate account check – This feature adds a duplicate account check in the Ariba Network account registration process for both standard and enterprise accounts as well as accounts created in Ariba Discovery (so-called walk-up registrations).
  • Address validation in Ariba Network – This feature helps to fill out and correct any wrong or misspelled portion of a mailing address.
  • Order confirmation deviation approval for quantity, delivery date, and price – With this feature, suppliers are able to submit an order confirmation even when it is out of tolerance (for quantity, delivery date and/or unit price). An alert is generated in the buyer portal and the buyer can decide whether to approve, approve and update purchase order or reject the deviation.


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