What's new in SAP Service Cloud & Integration 2102?

SAP Service Cloud & Integration – What's new – February 2021 | con4PAS

During the weekend of 6th-7th February 2021, SAP upgraded all of Test Tenants. The production tenants were upgraded on 20th-21st February 2021. As usual, SAP introduced a lot of new functionalities and system enhancements. Most of them will improve current functionalities but there are some brand new functions. Please see what is new in the SAP Cloud world in the release 2102.

February 22, 2021

What‘s new in Service & integration

There are again many new functionalities and innovations in the 2102 version. In the area of service processes and integration, we have selected and described the most interesting ones for you.

Service Channels – Email

  • Support of Channel in BCC for B2C  – now E-mail can be sent to support channel maintained in BCC for B2C scenario. These channels maintained in BCC will also result in the ticket creation for B2C scenario wich used to land as an error in the web service monitor earlier.

Support of Channel in BCC for B2C

  • Multi-Assignment of un-associated e-mails – service Agents can now assign multiple un-associated e-mails to an existing ticket. This means they don’t need to repeat the same operation multiple times for multiple e-mails.

Multi-Assignment of un-associated e-mails

  • New Placeholders in Signature Templates – a new placeholders „User Job“ and „Organization State“ have been added for usage in the signature templates.


Registered Product

  • Quick Create activation – in the scoping question is now possible to enable the quick create screen for Registered Products.



  • Follow-up Opportunity – both Service and Sales Contracts now supports to take details from Contract to the follow-up opportunity. That considers Contract Header content and also Contract Items. This will accelerate the contract renewal scenarios as users don’t need to add manually the necessary Contract Items as Opportunity Products.

Contracts 1

Contracts 2

New Theme Saphira

New Theme Saphira


Business Partner

  • Search Contacts by personal e-mail address – personal Email address field is now available on the Advanced Search for Contacts Dataset.

Search Contacts by personal e-mail address

Product List

  • Product proposals can depend on the Document Type of the Sales Quote, Sales Order, or Opportunity.

Product List

Key User Tools

  • Administrators can now use rules to set the default valu efor any field (applicable only in quick create screens).

Key User Tools 1Key User Tools 2



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