New version of SAP Contact Center – 7.0 FP13

New version of SAP Contact Center – 7.0 FP13 | con4PAS

December 14th, 2018, SAP released a new version of SAP Contact Center, Feature Pack 13 (FP13). New version extend functionalities of new UI (Communication Panel), flexibility of contact routing, and SAP CRM integration.

December 20, 2018

SAP keeps on extending new user interface based on ECF/UI5 technology. This is a next step to replace current full client CDT, which is not necessary for certain scenarios already. There is a new Communication Panel, a browser-based application for managing customer interactions – inbound/outbound phone calls, chats, and action items created in SAP CRM.

ECF client in connection with SAP CRM is extending, while ECF was originally introduced for integration with SAP Cloud applications (SAP C4C – Clound for Customer).

There is a better support to handle contacts waiting in closed queues, for all channel types (calls, chats or emails).

Where to find more information?

2728755 - SAP Contact Center 7.0 FP13 Feature Package Release – OSS note with all available information (S-user needed).


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