SAP Cloud for Customer – What is new in the 1811 release

SAP Cloud for Customer – What's new in the version 1811 | con4PAS

The new release of SAP Cloud for Customer 1811 was launched in November 2018. The key innovations and additional enhancements cover Fiori UI changes, new GDPR compliance features, machine learning improvements, real-time customer chat funcionalities and more.

January 15, 2019

Check out highlighted new features for the November 2018 release of SAP Cloud for Customer!

Get an insightful view of the innovations directly from SAP product management team about what’s new in Sales, Service, and Platform. Watch the videos in the embedded playlist.

General updates

  • Fiori UI changes (e. g. Cozy/Compact modes, new color themes) are modified for better performance with the screen and optimize white space thereby presenting more information on the screen.
  • Microsoft Edge Browser is now supported thus the customers can use another worldwide used Internet browser.
  • Fiori Client now supports Copy-Paste for lists (e. g. copy and paste products into a Sales Quote) and the data can be copied from Excel or any delimited source file.
  • Recent items in value helps – Value Help now remembers the recent searches the user may have done.
  • Quick approval from mobile notification so the responsible person can approve or send back the task without launching the application.
  • Fiori based dashboard builder and other improvements in Business Analytics – the new Fiori based dashboard designer lets the user to visualize data in design mode. It also provides additional personalization capabilities like changing view name, chart type etc.
  • Custom Workcenter and View ordering across all users.
  • Transport management improvement.
  • New GDPR compliance features.
  • Various prepackaged integration enhancements.

What’s new in Sales

  • New Sales Area Fields – Price Group and Price List are now available. These fields are now available to support integration use cases with SAP ECC.
  • Machine learning improvements for better sales insight.
  • Sales order/quote now displays total weight of all products – if product master contains net and gross weight and volume information, the data gets calculated in sales order/quote. Quotes using external pricing or bi-directional integration receive the data directly from SAP ECC.
  • Geo-fencing for Customer Visits – the user can now be prompted to check out of a visit, if the user has left the visit location without doing so. This helps reduce data inconsistencies and ensure proper tracking of visit execution times.
  • Perfect Store (Retail visit execution) with store visualization and store scoring – now it is possible to filter visit reports by sales organization and create reports specifically for Perfect Store visits. This improved usability by using a filtered list of relevant parties to reduce search time.

What’s new in Service

  • Real-time customer chat functionalities available on Fiori Client (Tickets can be created based on the chat content; conversations are stored in the transcript).
  • Phone call transfer now available for CCtr integration via web widget.
  • E-Mail Editor now supports to choose from more signatures (both corporate and personal signatures are supported).
  • Multiple Service Catalogs based on Ticket Type.
  • Product barcode scanning available for service tickets.
  • SAP JAM Knowledgebase integration improvements.
  • Machine learning improvements for easier problem solving.


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