Cloud digital transformation of multichannel communication at SBT’s division SENDDEX

Cloud digital transformation of multichannel communication at SBT’s division SENDDEX | con4PAS

SENDDEX, the leading transportation company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and con4PAS, the leading SAP business consultancy and implementation services partner, announced a successful launch of a multichannel communication based on Sinch Contact Pro (formerly SAP Contact Center 365) cloud solution.

November 3, 2021

SENDDEX is amongst the very first companies benefitting from a complete multichannel customer communication based on the Sinch solution, after its recent acquisition from SAP. SBT’s division SENDDEX wanted a flexible solution that allows the company to get higher efficiency of service agents, streamline its business processes, and improve its customer service.

Sinch Contact Pro (formerly SAP Contact Center 365) is a scalable solution ready to start small and then expand. The deployment of the Sinch Contact Center, managed by con4PAS, secured SENDDEX’s approach to becoming a fully digitally enabled company while using a single holistic solution. Cloud solution with minimal hardware costs is natively and seamlessly integrated, using verified deployment procedures and best practices, with an already existing SAP Service Cloud (SAP Cloud for Customer).

Now, SENDDEX can capture, manage, and respond to any inbound and outbound communication in real-time. Faster and unified responses lead to a higher quality of customer service experience and customer satisfaction.


"Successful completion of the Cloud digital transformation of our customers’ communication platform represents the next step to reach the company’s strategic goal to become a fully digitally enabled business in all major areas. With this milestone achieved, we are ready to respond to all the challenges that today’s dynamic market can bring,“ said Mr. Sameer Khan, Senior Manager Digital Transformation at SBT.


Saudi Bulk Transport Limited (SBT), a group company of Xenel, is a premium, leading end-to-end logistics solution company in Saudi Arabia. The company is one of the best supply chain service providers in the Kingdom. SBT was established in 1977 and has three major business divisions: Express and General Transportation (SENDDEX), Warehousing & Distribution Services (STOREX), and Total Integrated Logistics Solutions (LOGISTEX).

Xenel is positioned at the center of a group of companies. It was founded in 1973 by the descendants of one of the oldest trading houses in the Middle East. Over its 40-year history, Xenel has built expertise in energy, petrochemicals, construction, infrastructure development, healthcare, industrial services, IT, logistics, real estate, and global investing.



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