Personal Data Security

con4PAS, a.s. company declares that all data, which will be supplied through data forms at con4PAS company website, will be disposed of as private and will be protected in this sense. The data are collected and processed only for con4PAS, a.s. company purposes, and as such they will not be supplied to any third-party members without your permission, or will not be abused in any other way. 

Copyright Statement

We declare that con4PAS, a.s. company is a right-holder of full and unlimited use of all text and picture documents on this website. All rights including the rights for reprinting, copying and using, or communicating the content of the above-mentioned documents or their parts are reserved. Any part in any form may not be reproduced, transferred to third parties or (especially by using electronic systems) processed, copied, or published without the prior written consent of con4PAS, a.s. company. con4PAS, a.s. company retains the right to update or modify the content.

Contract Signing

Contracts and their changes are concluded by con4PAS, a.s. company solely in writing. Contracts must be signed by a self-statutory body or with an acclaimed electronic signature.


Other trade names are used only to identify particular products, and they may be registered trademarks of particular producers.

User Statement

The user declares that in conformity with the law number 101/2000 Sb. (N.101/2000 Collection of Laws) concerning personal data security he or she agrees with processing of all their personal data given in the data forms on con4PAS, a.s. company website and in their supplements.