Fashion trend or real processes acceleration – what does SAP mobile application bring?

Fashion trend or real processes acceleration – what does SAP mobile application bring? | con4PAS

Mobile apps are an integral part of every smartphone, and smartphones have become an essential part of our private, and especially our working life.

January 29, 2020

In today's busy world, it is very important to react swiftly and flexibly to tasks and opportunities, to have an overview of the current state processes and documents – which mobile applications allow us without any doubt.

Mobile apps should serve as process support, but not as the foundation of processes.

The question arises: Are mobile applications suitable for all business processes and for all users? What applications can be used in combination with SAP information system?

SAP mobile applications are typically designed for a single purpose, so it is critical to assign the right application to the right group of users and determine the right purpose of use.

For example, we definitely don't want an accountant to process an invoice using the mobile app and check or enter important information related to payment issues on the small screen of their phone. On the other hand, there are some SAP mobile applications that allow you to create a purchase request (clip) or to approve a subordinate vacation request (clip) – this is the right “cup of tea” to use modern technology.


Mobile applications will be also highly appreciated by users in the field because mobile apps allow them to do service checks immediately after receiving a service request in their smartphone (sample). Using SAP mobile application, a supplier can instantly handle your requests and speed up the entire ordering process (sample).


Finally, we would like to add that the use of SAP mobile apps gives your business a new, modern perspective on working with SAP systems. Mobile applications help to accelerate business processes and, above all, save the most valuable – the time of users.


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