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Shine a light on your pipeline with Intelligent Sales. It is an all-in-one tool that works with SAP Sales Cloud to help you generate new business, manage your pipeline, forecast revenue accurately, and grow customer accounts.

January 12, 2022

Intelligent Sales Add-On for SAP Sales Cloud gives you insight into your pipeline, maximizes sales performance, and drives forecast accountability and predictability. It helps you to identify those opportunities that require course correction and perform what-if analysis to arrive at an accurate and reliable forecast. The solution provides insight into how opportunities are progressing through the pipeline. It aggregates your opportunity data and allows you to filter and view it in various ways to extract meaning.

Intelligent Sales helps you implement a sales process, spend more time coaching, as well as showing managers where they need to focus their time to win more business. Uniquely, the solution can help you clean your entire pipeline, as well as know which deals need coaching, without relying on the manual data entry of your sales reps.


Key Benefits

Intelligent Sales Add-On for SAP Sales Cloud will help you:




Four modules of the Intelligent Sales

Pipeline Manager

The Pipeline Manager offers an overview of the opportunity pipeline and the true health of every opportunity. That is why you get the complete picture of the health of your pipeline and your company is always up to date with its opportunities. The Opportunity Health Score is based on machine learning and identifies risks. Data can be edited and filtered directly in Pipeline Manager.

Pipeline Manager - C4C Intelligent Sales image 1


Forecast Tracker

The Forecast Tracker delivers a highly accurate sales forecast without the need for spreadsheets. You can improve forecasting accuracy and transparency through what-if analysis and tracking forecast volatility over time. The Forecast Tracker compares submitted forecast data against sales targets and aggregated opportunity amounts for the selected fiscal period. When discrepancies occur, sales managers can follow up to discover the cause.

Building and keeping track of a forecast for a large sales team often involves exporting everything out of CRM so that managers work through deals on a line-by-line basis and take a checkpoint of their forecast on a weekly basis. With Intelligent Sales, you can build an end-to-end forecasting process with weekly submissions by your sales reps and managers, historical data tracking, overrides and adjustments, and trend analysis.

Forecast Tracker - C4C Intelligent Sales image 2


Pipeline Flow

With the Pipeline Flow, you can investigate changes in your pipeline over time very easily. A pipeline flow chart provides you with real-time insight into how your pipeline evolves and you can drill down into the opportunities. Based on the observation then you can take an action.

Pipeline Flow - C4C Intelligent Sales image 3


Trend Analytics

Trend Analytics helps you to identify whether there are enough opportunities in the pipeline to hit the targets, based on the historical success rates. Understand whether your team's success rates are increasing or decreasing over a period of time. And based on these observations to set up the action and make a decision.




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