New version of SAP Contact Center (FP14) coming soon

New version of SAP Contact Center (FP14) coming soon | con4PAS

New version of SAP Contact Center, Feature Pack 14, should be released during upcoming weeks (maybe even this very week).

May 6, 2019

Only one information about new version has been released yet: FP14 will enable support of Oracle Java 8 and Java 11 on 64bit version. Until now, only 32bit version of Oracle Java can be used. However, Oracle does not support 32bit platform anymore.

When SAP CCtr 7 FP14 will be released, only 2 older releases will be supported – FP12 and FP13. Customers using FP11 and older releases should consider upgrade as soon as possible.


Where to find more information?

2767408 - SAP Contact Center 7.0 FP14 Feature Package Release – OSS note with all available information (S-user needed).


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