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SAP Cloud for Customer – What's new in the version 1902 | con4PAS

The new release of SAP Cloud for Customer 1902 was launched in February 16th 2019 for the PROD systems. SAP has made a strategic decision to sunset Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 8.1 support for the SAP Cloud for Customer extended edition apps with May 2019 release.

February 25, 2019

As announced with 1808 release, HTML5 UI will be sunset with 1911 release for all users. August 2019 release is the last productive release for HTML5 UI. This UI will stop working after 1911 production upgrade due to technical limitations and its use cannot be extended beyond November 2019.


Check out highlighted new features for the February 2019 release of SAP Cloud for Customer!

Get an insightful view of the innovations directly from SAP product management team about what’s new in Sales, Service, and Platform. Watch the videos in the embedded playlist.


What’s new in Sales

  • Mass entry of Product via Copy & Paste – allows copy line items from MS Excel to the product table in order to quickly paste products to an opportunity.
  • Datahug integration – provides a graphical visualization of the pipeline, and helps to understand the true health of opportunities and close more deals in less time.
  • Lead and Opportunity search by Serial ID – enables look up of any up-sell, cross sell or renewal leads and opportunities by the Serial ID of a product the customer already owns.
  • Multiple Sales Order can be created from one Sales Quote.
  • Delivery Priority support can be specified at the Item Level on Sales Quote.
  • Faster Mobile upload of photo capture attachments.


What’s new in Service

  • Mass update of sub-tickets in a ticket for specific actions – Users can now update multiple sub-tickets for the following actions – Add note, Set status, Set priority, Assign to me, Assign to Team.
  • Display SAP ECC Price Agreements in Contracts.
  • Customer-defined document types for attachments now enabled for Installed Base.
  • Push notification now support two devices per user – Technicians can be logged in on two devices and both devices will receive the push notifications.


What’s new in Platform and Integration

  • New Library with Folder strucutre support (current Library will be made Obsoltete in 1911 and all documents will be automatically migrated to the new library).
  • Donut charts for Datasets (up to four donuts are available).
  • Settings for current account – various types of settings are now all available in one screen (e.g. – My settings, Numeric Keypad settings, My Background settings, Personalization settings etc.).
  • Change Logo and Background Image on Login Page – it is possible to set own branding on the login page.
  • Widescreen Mode is now available as default.
  • Notes in Multiple Languages.


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Service Features 1902


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