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In the weekend of April 27th SAP has upgraded all test tenants to the 1905 release. The production environment followed in the weekend of May 11th. SAP has made a strategic decision to sunset Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 8.1 support for the SAP Cloud for Customer extended edition apps with our May 2019 release.

May 15, 2019

As announced with 1808 release SAP has made a strategic decision to sunset Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 8.1 support for the SAP Cloud for Customer extended edition apps with our May 2019 release. HTML5 UI will stop working as soon as 1911 productive upgrade occurs in November 2019 and can´t be extended due to technical limitations.

Check out highlighted new features for the May 2019 release of SAP Cloud for Customer!

Get an insightful view of the innovations directly from SAP product management team about what’s new in Sales, Service, and Platform. Watch the videos in the embedded playlist.

Fiori Client will be made the default client in 1908 release

  • Windows mobile is no longer under active development
  • Windows 8.1 has reached the end of its lifecycle
  • Windows 8.1 continues to be supported for browser-based usage of SAP Cloud for Customer
  • As part of providing a consistent user experience across all C/4 HANA products, two new features are available:
    • Fiori 3 Theme
    • New Navigation menu (it can´t be hidden away completely)
  • Main BUPA external ID configuration – You can now define main external identifiers for accounts, contact, and employees. The main external ID is also now available in the Business Partner relevant oDATA services:
    • Each replicated / exchange object can have more than one external ID
    • An administrator can now define which external ID should be shown in the list views and Value helps (as well as other areas such as print forms and analytics)
  • New contact from contact Value Help – You can create a contact from the value selector and this contact will be written back to the contact field of the application
  • New redesigned Smartphone Extended Edition App is now available:
    • Push notifications for workflow rules (iOS and Android)
    • All analytical interfaces have been optimized for a better viewing experience on the smartphone (using the display mode icon on reports, switch between portrait and landscape view for reports)
  • Auto-adjustment of table column width (this feature is not supported on MS Internet Explorer and MS Edge browser – version 16 and below):
    • Automatically adjusts the column width of tables to fit the content and minimize white space
    • Column header text wraps to 2 lines in case the header text is too long
  • Administrator related functionalities are now available in Fiori Client. The work centers below are available (these are available on Desktop browsers only):
    • Administrator
    • Business Configuration
    • Service Control Center
    • Data Protection and Privacy
    • Business Analytics (to create reports, data sources, key figures, KPIs, etc.)

Beta feature in 1905

  • Editable Datasets – Users can quickly edit an item in the list without having to open the object detail page
  • New Quick View – Users would like to quickly view information and edit any specific field or perform object-level actions without having to open the business object detail page

What’s new in Sales

  • Mass Delete product from an Opportunity at once using the Remove action
  • Assign Custom Party Roles to Quick Create/Overview on Sales Quote/Sales Order (you can add up to three different custom party role selection fields to the UI – not supported in offline mode)
  • Sales Order – Offline Price Calculation based on Net Weight & Gross Weight
    • Customers using product weights for price calculation can enable condition types for price calculation based on product net or gross weight
  • Sales Order – Creation of Order for Ship-to-party from Visits
  • Sales Order – Display of External Ids for Involved Parties
  • Sales Order – Support of Currency Conversion in Offline Price Calculation
  • Default Duration for Visits During Creation (can be specified by an administrator)

What’s new in Service

  • New signature tool introduced in the E-mail editor (both corporate and personal signatures are supported and can be defined in the template work center)
  • Customer can now handle calls related to sales orders working within Live Activity
  • Agents can now search for sales order and confirm customer from sales order without navigating to different screens
  • E-mail support selection of multiple attachments at the same time (limit feedback to the users when the E-mail size exceeds 20MB – size limit is a combination of Attachments + Text + Inline images)
  • Broadcast Messages to a set of users (The recipients can be all the users or can be a group of user selected based on sales org, business role, and specific users)
  • Users can now add additional fields in advanced search:
    • Service Category
    • Object Category
    • Incident Category
    • Cause Category
  • Resolution Category in advanced search and list for Tickets in Account, Contact & Individual Customer screens
  • Map view is enabled for Installation Point
  • Compose ISO-7010 based safety label in Smartforms based on a predefined Grid
  • The safety elements are visible on all mobile platforms
  • Users now have the 3rd view option in Utilities 360:
    • Hierarchy
    • List View
    • Configurable Hierarchy


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