What's new in the SAP Sales and Service Cloud release 2008?

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During the weekend of 1st August, SAP upgraded all the test tenants to the 2008 release. The production environment will follow in the weekend of 15th-16th August. As usual, SAP released some minor and some major updates and new functionalities across all Cloud solutions. Please see some highlights below.

August 12, 2020

This release addresses not only technology updates but also responds directly to customer requests and presents a huge improvement in the user experience.

The most visual one SAP’s introduced is the new theme – Safira (in beta version). This theme was created based on the request access via Support Incident and addresses the most asked for improvement for better user experience.

The theme contains different color patterns, modern look, and feel, higher ergonomics and visualization, and improved efficiency through click reduction. Also, the new tiles for Home Page, the Kanban Board is based on this theme schema.



User Experience – New Tiles for the Home Page

  • Kanban Board for Tickets (not available in Tablet/Smartphone) – This view shows tickets divided by status in different colors used. Records are linked with the origin objects so a user can easily get to the ticket from this board. This saves time and increases efficiency through direct query access from the home page to predefined filters.

2020-08-12-Blog-C4C-2008-Kanban Board

  • Quick Links to launch quick create from the home page that are configurable (e.g. Reports, Filters, Dashboards, External links, etc.) – Quick Link tile with options to launch quick create from the home page. This will be provided as a pattern for configuration in upcoming releases. Customers will be able to configure different types of links and this will increase efficiency through direct access from the home page to object creation and other application areas. 

2020-08-12-Blog-C4C-2008-Quick Links

  • Video tile (videos are not stored as part of SAP Cloud) – Video is opened in a separate window.


What’s new in Sales

Link separately created opportunities with a Lead (predecessor/successor)

It is now possible to link Leads with Opportunities that may have been created separately or being worked upon in parallel. This provides flexibility to link Leads and Opportunities together especially in business situations where Leads and Opportunities are being worked on in parallel.

2020-08-12-Blog-C4C-2008-Link leads and Opporunity

  • Additional Actions available on Lead QuickView (Convert to Account and Contact, Associate to Account and Contact, Convert to Individual Customer, Associate to Individual Customer)
  • Enhanced Opportunity pricing (available under the Pricing tab)
  • Bill-of-Materials prices editable in Sales Quote/Sales Order
  • The new Sales Quote version copies also the Opportunity reference used in the origin Sales Quote
  • Blocking Contract creation for selected Customers (Sales Document Order Block – available even for Service contracts)
  • Contract Item pricing now available directly in the Item tab for items (available even for Service Contracts)
  • Remove Zero quantity and mass remove actions enabled in Sales Order details – products facet


What’s new in Service

Duration Key Figure to see the duration that a ticket has spent in each step of the process

See the duration that a ticket has spent in each step of the process. For this, the Ticket History must be activated in scoping to use the Ticket History data source. This helps to gain better insights into service bottlenecks for tickets and identify high or low performing areas of the overall service process.

2020-08-12-Blog-C4C-2008-Duration Key Figure

  • Live activity – SMS Chat (standard integration with SAP Contact Center 365)
  • Blocking incoming e-mails to C4C
  • Ticket creation from Microsoft Outlook (add-in)
  • E-mail interaction can be copied to existing ticket
  • Multiple e-mail recipient selection when sending a response
  • Allowing non-admin business roles to edit all templates (scope question settings)
  • Ticket restriction rule for a service organization
  • Validations on the tickets in closed status (scope question settings)
  • SAP ERP Warranty determination in C4C Ticketing


Selected Cross Topics

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser will not be supported as of 2011 release production upgrade (Microsoft Edge is supported since 2005 release)
  • Unified Login Page
  • Analytics
    • Competitor Data-source available
    • Plant information in Account data-source
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator (API Update) in the version 2.1
  • Code list restrictions applicable to Contact/Partner/Competitor object
  • Mobile application – Activity creation directly in the calendar




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