What's new in SAP Sales Cloud 2102?

SAP Sales Cloud – What's new – February 2021 | con4PAS

During the weekend of 6th-7th February 2021, SAP upgraded all of Test Tenants. The production tenants will be upgraded on 20th-21st February 2021. As usual, SAP introduced a lot of new functionalities and system enhancements. Most of them will improve current functionalities but there are some brand new functions. Please see what is new in the SAP Cloud world in the release 2102.

February 9, 2021

What's new in Sales

There are again many new functionalities and innovations in the 2102 version. In the area of sales processes, we have selected and described the most interesting ones for you.



Sales Acceleration

SAP presented the new Work Center in the previous release. Now SAP enhances this with some new key innovations:

  • There is a new participant type – Individual Customer. A new donut charts to filter call lists by shared attributes, colors to highlight key call list attributes and UI enhancements to the call list timeline view will be available.
  • Call scripts based on the C4C survey business objects now can be associated to a call list, for use by a sales rep when conversing with participants.
  • It will be possible to enter participant responses into the call scripts during the call. This will ensure that Sales reps stall on message and capture all require data point when conversing with call lists participants.

Sales Acceleration 1

  • A new Call, E-mail and Edit Actions in Quick View will be available. This will allow to update call list metadata from the quick view and therefor saves time by making quick updates without navigatin into the call list details screen (this needs to be enabled from the Company Settings).

Sales Acceleration 2

  • View Call List progress via Closed status column (in Percentage) will be available (out of the box, the color scheme can’t be customized in this release). The goal is to get each call list to 100 % closed by its end date (Red color indicates less than 33 % of participants in closed state, Orange indicates between 34-66 % and more than 67 % is in the green).

Sales Acceleration 3

  • Improved Call History Timeline UI will be available when a link is displayed in the „Last Called Date“ column.


Sales Smart Components

Some of the Key innovations are Considering Account Conversion in Lead Scoring − This feature would provide a more accurate score as this will consider all lead conversion scenarios. And in BETA Extend Text Intelligence to Lead and Opportunity (activation of this will be via Support Incident).



Qualtrics Integration

  • Web to Lead is one of the new key innovations.
  • This allows to use the Qualtrics Actions framework to create a new lead in SAP Sales Cloud in a few clicks in the Qualtrics UI.


Top Level Account and Parent Account

Top Level Account and Parent Account for Leads on Account details will be available from this Release. Leads facet on an Account now shows Top Level Account and Parent Account information.

Top Level Account and Parent Account


Naming Consistency

In advance to keep naming consistency across product, the action “New” has been renamed to “Create Lead”.

Naming Consistency



Follow-up objects

  • If you create a follow-up Opportunity from a Sales Contract, the items will be copied to the Opportunity (no configuration required). Note, prices from the Sales Contract will not be copied to the Opportunity.
  • If you create a follow-up Sales Quote from an Opportunity, the items that have status Lost will not be copied to the follow-up C4C Sales Quote.


Additional enhancement/round-offs

View Revenue Split Partners includes optional a Sales Unit (hidden field) to also support an organizational assignment in order to report based on organizational units.


Sales Quote

Integration to multiple CPQ tenants

Different sales departments can integrate their individual CPQ solution to one C4C system.

Sales Quote_1
Sales Quote_2


Propose products

Based on Document Type, different product can be proposed (this is available also for Sales Order).

Propose products




Color categorization of activities/visits

You can now color code activities in your calendar based on different parameters. Customize and filter your calendar color display based on activity priority, status, category or type.




It will be possible to add multiple contacts to a visit at one time. Activities and visits can be now deleted from the detail view.



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