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Service Agent Console, the add-on for SAP Service Cloud, offers all key functionality and customer info in one workspace. Agents can quickly find all relevant information just by clicking in the appropriate area. Push-dynamics delivers the information that agents need at their fingertips.

January 26, 2022

SAP Service Cloud, agent console, brings your service agents the tools and information they need to quickly help your customers. It is all about efficiency, productivity, and better experiences for service agents and customers.

The brand-new SAP Service Cloud, agent console, featuring a new UI component library and reimagine workspace for efficiency, helps you understand and engage with your customers to deliver superior customer experiences.



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Agent Desktop

The agent desktop is the central work environment for an agent in SAP Service Cloud. This high-productivity app provides an omnichannel support solution. Agent desktop offers a customizable, flexible, and modern user experience that enables service agents to engage with customers efficiently across multiple communication channels. Agent desktop includes supporting tools like automatic customer identification and search, detailed customer information, knowledge base integration, and ticket creation.

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  • View customer details on the left of the screen.
  • Scan interactions and notes in the Timeline tab.
  • Access object information, such as registered products, tickets, and more in the Objects tab.
  • Resolve issues quickly with the knowledge base panel on the right side of the screen.
  • Create a new message or ticket quickly from the “What would you like to do?” area.


Customer Search

Automatically identifies the customer or contact for the incoming interaction. If no matching customer is found, or if there are multiple possible matches, you can confirm the correct customer manually.


Communication Channels

SAP Service Cloud provides an integrated, cloud-based communication stack allowing multisession communication with customers in real-time.

Agent desktop enables customer service communication across multiple contact channels such as phone, email, and chat. The service process begins with incoming complaints / queries / requests from these sources. Customer service agents can use the agent console to work on several business processes and communication items simultaneously.

Communication channel integration is enabled by third-party communication system providers.



  • Respond to customer interactions with an email message. View and reply to email responses in the timeline.
  • Compose and send email messages from Customer Hub using a static technical address. No configuration is required for agents to send email messages. The from address is based on your tenant URL, for example,
  • Message content can include formatted text and inline images. Sent messages appear in the timeline showing the subject, sender, recipients, and message text. Use the response options in the timeline to reply, reply to all recipients, or forward the message.


  • Agent desktop integrates third-party chat and messaging solutions to support service processes. View chat and SMS interactions and transcripts in the timeline.

Communication Channels - Chat - C4C Service Agent Console image 2


  • Agent desktop supports voice calls with widget-based computer telephony integration (CTI) with third-party communication system providers (such as Sinch Contact Pro).
  • Embed a third-party telephony widget into your solution, providing a unified call handling experience. Agents can receive incoming phone calls, initiate outbound calls, and record voice calls. Links to voice call recordings appear in the timeline. Call playback takes place in the communication system widget.

Communication Channels - Voice - C4C Service Agent Console image 3


  • Connect with customers using a short message service (SMS) for real-time chat interactions. The SMS channel in the agent desktop supports the following functions:
    • Inbound SMS chat
    • Outbound chat initiated by a service agent
    • Chat transcription (plain text)


Customer Hub

For real-time interactions, the customer hub provides a place to access and enter customer information to help you resolve issues quickly.

Customer Hub - C4C Service Agent Console image 4

Upon accepting an incoming call or chat request, the customer hub opens automatically. If the interaction is from a known customer or contact, the customer hub loads the relevant customer or contact information. The solution captures details of the interaction in the timeline.


Knowledge Base

Integrate an external knowledge base to enable agents to search for solutions and attach articles to responses without having to leave the agent desktop. The knowledge base appears as a side panel on the agent desktop.

Search the knowledge base for relevant articles and preview the content in the side panel. Open the article in a new tab on the agent desktop, or view the article in the original knowledge base site in a new browser tab. Use the Copy URL button to copy the article URL and paste it into the interaction to share the article in your response back to your customer.

Knowledge Base - C4C Service Agent Console image 5


Session Information

View session details, change customers, check linked items, and make notes for this interaction. The Session information panel on the right of the Agent Desktop screen shows the current session details passed from your communication system. It also includes the following capabilities:

  • Wrong Customer? – In case the initial customer identification was the wrong customer, this option opens the customer search screen to find and select another customer.
  • Linked Items – View and add tickets and registered products related to this interaction.
  • Notes – Enter your notes for this interaction. Notes are available to remind you or subsequent agents of details communicated to the customer in this interaction.


Demo video

Watch the demo video to see how SAP Service Cloud, agent console, helps service agents provide speedy, reliable and personalized customer service across channels (the SAP asset ).



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