Workfow implementation for the customer Česká pojišťovna

Simplified approach and clarification of the approval process, easy administration and use of the organizational structure were the main goals of UNIPROCESS® implementation in Česká pojišťovna. At the same time, easy connection of existing and new workflows and a simple change of the approval process have been enabled.

The scope of implemented UNIPROCESS® solution

  • Workflow for receipts and invoices for Česká pojišťovna
  • Workflow for receipts and invoices for daughter company PPF Generali services
  • Workflow for entering new general ledger accounts
  • Workflow for express G/L accounts

Main benefits of the solution

By implementing the UNIPROCESS® solution the problems with documents circulation were solved.  The approval environment was unified for all workflows, which brought significant time savings.  A big benefit is also clear monitoring of the approval process and simple administration. Other benefits include:

  • 60% time saving on WF administration
  • 30% submission of documents to auditors and trackability of approval history
  • 30% reduction in document circulation error rate
  • 30% reduction of workload
Workfow implementation for the customer Česká pojišťovna | con4PAS

UNIPROCESS® – workflow implementation

The main advantage of using the Uniprocess workflow is the unification of the WF administration process and approval prediction.

Petr Spanilý, FI and WF consultant, Česká pojišťovna, a.s.