Workfow implementation for the customer Trigema

The basis of the whole project was the creation of a tool for easy deployment, management, and automatic control of workflows process. As part of the initial implementation, Trigema selected the scenarios for approving supplier invoices.

The scope of implemented UNIPROCESS® solution

  • Implementation of the whole UNIPROCESS® package
  • Workflow for logistic invoices settlement

Main benefits of the solution

Implementation of UNIPROCESS® solution reduced the workload, time spending and administration of the workflow.  The solution provided a unified user interface for the approvers and clear monitoring of the approval process.  We also accelerated the circulation of vendor invoices and enabled clear monitoring of the approval process.

  • 50% reduction of time needed for development of new WF
  • 75% reduction of modification time of current WF
  • 30% reduction of the approval process for invoices settlement
  • 5% savings on personal expenses
Workfow implementation for the customer Trigema | con4PAS

UNIPROCESS® – workflow implementation

An advantage of UNIPROCESS® is the effective and quick implementation of new workflows without the need of external consultants. The implementation of workflow for invoice settlements resulted in the reduction of the total number of approved invoices and time saving throughout the entire process.

Ing. Michal Tota, IT Director, Trigema a.s.