Workfow implementation for the customer Vodňanská drůbež

The goal of implementing the UNIPROCESS® solution in Vodňanská drůbež, a.s. was to standardize the entire procurement process, make the approval process transparent and documentable, and reporting clear and accessible by the management.

The scope of implemented UNIPROCESS® solution

  • Implementation of approval workflow for processing order requests and automatization of the ordering process
  • Implementation of approval workflow for processing invoices
  • Introduction of the obligatory material/services receipt
  • Use of „best practices“ for the given solution

Main benefits of the solution

The implementation of the approval process brought the company management a clear and unified reporting within the approved documents. The key users and management of the company appreciate the support of their intentions. Other benefits include:

  • Standardization and unification of the whole procurement process
  • Transparency of the approval process
  • Trackability of the approval processes
  • Fast implementation
  • Positive acceptance by the user

Ing. Boleslav Bieber, IT manager, Vodňanská drůbež, a.s., said:

„From the IT point of view, I consider the main advantage of the implementation of UNIPROCESS® solution the possibility of extending the approval WF to other objects while maintaining a unified approval environment."

Workfow implementation for the customer Vodňanská drůbež | con4PAS

UNIPROCESS® – workflow implementation

For management of the company I see the main benefit of the solution in having the overview of the order requests, an overview of the orders themselves, and also their processing. The implementation of UNIPROCESS® gives the management a comprehensive and well-controlled overview of the purchasing processes in the company.

Ing. Pavla Bublíková, CFO, Vodňanská drůbež, a.s.