No more problems with paper documents or emails circulation

Zentiva was searching for a solution that would make the process of creation and control of data quality more efficient. The implementation of UNIPROCESS® has accomplished this goal by deploying the electronic workflow, which enables the evidence of the created data and its correctness and also the possibility of further changes or extension and connection to the other systems and existing workflows.

The scope of implemented UNIPROCESS®  solution

  • Workflow for the creation of material master data
  • Workflow for the creation of BOM

Main benefits of the solution

The implementation of the electronic Workflow solved the problem with the circulation of both paper and email documents

  • Monitoring of the approval process and management of Material Master data
  • Elimination of the loss of paper documents
  • Approval and processing of the requests according to the company rules
Workfow implementation for the customer Zentiva Group | con4PAS

UNIPROCESS® – workflow implementation

The implementation of workflow helped the revision of information about material master data in four manufacturing plants. It also enabled the transfer of responsibility for data entry to the information owner.

Ing. Jiří Vácha, SCM Director / Ing. Aleš Kapitán, Master Data Expert, Zentiva Group, a.s.