ABT expands its cooperation with con4PAS in the field of procurement processes

ABT expands its cooperation with con4PAS in the field of procurement processes

Arabian Bulk Trade Limited (ABT) has decided to transform its existing processes with the support of the SAP Ariba platform and has chosen the con4PAS company as an implementation partner on the digital transformation project. Under the leadership of con4PAS, the leading provider of consulting services for SAP procurement solutions, a new strategy to change existing and implement new procurement processes will be deployed.

June 23, 2020

The goal of the transformation project is to streamline and unify existing processes and increase collaboration across group companies in the procurement area. SAP Ariba solutions will be used for process digitalization in three phases:

  1. Integration operative purchasing transactions with suppliers through SAP Ariba Commerce Automation.
  2. Standardize and faster sourcing functions by SAP Ariba Sourcing.
  3. Increase effectiveness in contract management via SAP Ariba Contracts.

All mentioned phases lead to an improved strategy for ABT to build enriching and strong relationships with its suppliers.


Mr. Sameer Khan, Senior Manager, Digital Strategy & Transformation at ABT Group said:

Transformation of the procurement is a giant leap forward on the entire transformation process the ABT Group has recently embarked on. It follows the already ongoing process of customer outreach transformation we have jointly initiated with con4PAS. Seeing the current situation on the market, we do believe this is the right step forward to gain a competitive edge and help us out to be ready for the challenges we expect to come.



Arabian Bulk Trade (ABT) Group is a holding company with activities in the distribution of cement, manufacturing of scaffolding metal structures, provider of transportation, warehouse and logistic services, international trader of building materials, and a strategic supplier for agricultural products.

ABT is a part of Xenel, that was founded in 1973 by the descendants of one of the oldest trading houses in the Middle East. It is positioned at the center of a group of companies created with a shared vision of achieving economic growth by bridging know-how to different parts of the world. Over its 40-year history, Xenel has built expertise in energy, petrochemicals, construction, infrastructure development, healthcare, industrial services, IT, logistics, real estate, and global investing.


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