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SAP Ariba Discovery is a business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce solution designed to easily create business opportunities even when the world affects COVID-19.

April 21, 2020

SAP Ariba Discovery is a virtual space to easily acquiring new business opportunities that enable business contact without crossing borders. The buyer enables a quick search for suitable sellers from the largest SAP Ariba network. It gives freedom to the seller to respond to interesting opportunities from the whole world and stay at home.


What SAP Ariba Discovery offer Buyers and Sellers:


SAP Ariba Discovery for Buyer

  • Easy access from SAP Ariba Buying or SAP Ariba sourcing solution.
  • Setting a company profile.
  • Easy search and ask new suppliers.
  • Publishing RFQ/ RFI.
  • Postings that match according to the specified product and service category.
  • Invite only selected suppliers.
  • Share postings Information via social media or e-mail.
  • Receive more competitive bids.
  • Compare suppliers’ bids.
  • Export bids.
  • Supplier ratings and references.
  • Viewing the list of uninterested suppliers.

SAP Ariba Discovery for Seller

  • Free registration.
  • Tree types of the accounts.
  • Set a company profile with detailed information about products and services.
  • Share company information via social media or e-mail.
  • Questions and answers.
  • Receive email notification containing postings that match their business capabilities.
  • Search potential business opportunities.
  • Export RFI/ RFQ detail.
  • Response to buyer postings.
  • Request references from Buyer.


How to create RFx

You can find the official video feed on the SAP website.

SAP Ariba Discovery is possible to integrate with others SAP Ariba solutions.

SAP Ariba Discovery


Where to find more information?

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