SAP Ariba – Q3 2020 News

SAP Ariba – Q3 2020 News | con4PAS

What’s new in the procurement world? Read what the SAP Ariba 2008 (application release Q3 2020) provides. We present to you the most interesting news.

October 6, 2020

What are the new general SAP Ariba features:

  • Customer administrators can now easily revert the latest deployed deployment changes.
  • Administrators can view field configurations information, including customer fields, for the following solutions:
    • SAP Ariba Procurement
    • SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing
    • Supplier Management
  • Mapping of the country of delivery used in the Guided Buying solution to the ISO region code is now available for preferred and qualified suppliers.


What are the new features in Strategic sourcing and Contracts management:

  • The S/4HANA Cloud solution now sends a supplier quotation confirmation message to SAP Ariba Sourcing that is displayed on the Award Confirmation tab in the event monitoring interface.
  • Simplified import allows users to edit common terms, to add, update, or replace all contract line items in a single action.
  • The format of the postal code is changed from static to configurable so that there are no syntax errors when data are synchronized with the ERP system.


What are the new features in the Procurement solution:

  • Framework standing order is now supported in the SAP Ariba solution.
  • Order information is available to users from the Guided Buying application, in which they create order requests.
  • Search in Guided Buying is more convenient – it displays results on one page.


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