SAP Supplier Relationship Management

Optimise your procurement processes in the field of operational and strategic purchasing thanks to the complex purchasing platform SAP SRM. Save as much as possible in all of the procurement processes and assess the benefits that derive from this solution.

SAP Supplier Relationship Management. A system supporting procurement processes in a modern organization.

SAP SRM provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface that is accessible via web interface. The user interface allows the personalization based on the workload or work tasks, which contributes significantly to the increase of work efficiency.

SAP SRM offers

Fully integrated procurement processes (procure-to-pay).

An improvement in the quality of the strategy used for supplier selection - helps companies streamline and optimize their based suppliers. Companies can improve the quality of their supply and reduce any potential risks with better access to information on supplier performance.

Shortening of the process cycle - automates long cycles of request management (Request for Proposal - RFP) and quotation requests (Request for Quotation - RFQ).

Reduced process costs - computerization and automation of operational procurement processes lower the transaction costs.

Reduction of total ownership costs (R-TOC) - allows you to reduce the ownership cost of the system. All future functionalities will be delivered through enhancement packs, thereby ensuring the flexibility of the implementation functionalities according to customer priorities.

Optimization of contract extraction - provides extended functionality for managing contracts, which improves their exploitation. The process of contract management is fully integrated into the procurement process and allows you to create and maintain a single global contract as a source of supply within SAP SRM and SAP ERP. This approach not only increases efficiency but also eliminates the risk of purchasing from an already obsolete contract.

Effective procurement - gives greater control over the activities associated with the advertisement of electronic tenders and auctions. This application involves extending the functionality of listing competitions, which makes it easier to compare bids. Efficient cost management also offers a live auction where the final price is decided upon by the market. The main benefit is more accurate and transparent process.

Customer references

SAP SRM – ČEZ – Severočeské doly

SAP SRM – ČEZ – Severočeské doly

Deployment of central procurement system

The completion of the project fulfilled our main goal to harmonize procurement processes and master data management between the CEZ Group and the Severočeské doly Group. The successful implementation of the project allows us to take advantage of all the benefits that the system brings, including support for electronic communication with suppliers

Barbora Dvořáková, the director of the Group purchase and services department, ČEZ, a. s.