The central procurement system of ČEZ Group is newly implemented for Group Severočeské doly

Objectives, challenges and opportunities

  • To deploy the CEZ Group's central procurement system in companies of the Severočeské doly Group (Severočeské doly a.s., PRODECO, a.s., SD - Kolejová doprava, a.s. and Revitrans, a.s.).
  • To harmonize procurement processes and master data management between CEZ Group and Severočeské doly Group.
  • To continuously increase efficiency of the procurement process.


Implemented solution

  • SAP SRM central procurement system for supplier relationship management.
  • Electronic communication with suppliers via the SAP SUS supplier portal.
  • Automation of routine activities.


Why SAP solution?

  • Functional scope of the solution in the area of operational and strategic procurement.
  • Process and system integration with SAP ERP as solution standard.


Operational benefits

  • Unification of environment for activities of purchasing units.
  • Setting up uniform reporting.
  • Increase the use of framework contracts.
  • Reduction of transaction costs for procurement.
Implementation of SAP SRM at ČEZ – Severočeské doly | con4PAS

Deployment of central procurement system

The completion of the project fulfilled our main goal to harmonize procurement processes and master data management between the CEZ Group and the Severočeské doly Group. The successful implementation of the project allows us to take advantage of all the benefits that the system brings, including support for electronic communication with suppliers

Barbora Dvořáková, the director of the Group purchase and services department, ČEZ, a. s.
Supplier Relationship Management