Consolidation of outputs according to management expectations

The main goal for the Central Controlling of CEZ Group was to implement a unified, centralized system for collecting manual entry data for consolidated management reporting for the ČEZ Group. The solution had to be useful for approx. 100 companies in the consolidated group and enable users to integrate data entry forms sourced in the KPI data warehouse.

Scope of the implemented SAP Business Intelligence solution

  • Implementation of the feature of workbooks using Integrated planning in the SAP BW module. 

Main benefits of the solution

The implemented Integrated Planning solution in SAP BW fulfilled the set objectives and enabled, among other things, monitoring of history and inserting comments to KPI values.

  • Elimination of sending inputs from guarantors of individual companies by e-mail and the subsequent manual processing at Central Controlling.
  • Reduction of errors in data from management reports.
  • Streamlining of the data collection and report creation processes.

Operational benefits

Prior to implementation, collection and evaluation were divided into several segmented controlling departments. It caused complicated “consolidation” from the controllers’ mailroom, and document submission deadlines were often exceeded.

Implementing the feature practically results in a “silent” process, where the controller only manages outputs and not inputs.

  • Reducing the difficulty of data collection and evaluation by 80%.
SAP BI implementation for ČEZ – Central Controlling | con4PAS

SAP BI implementation

Integrated planning solutions with SAP BW significantly simplified the collection and consolidation of manual inputs for management reporting, eliminated error rates and contributed to streamlining and transparency.

Ing. Jaroslav Novák, Central Controlling methodologies, ČEZ, a. s.
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