Business Intelligence

Thanks to SAP Business Intelligence you will better understand, analyse and predict situations in your company and in your competitive environment. It will make it easier to find relevant information for decision support, make it accessible and distribute it to key employees, and thus make better, more qualified decisions.

Make faster and more informed decision based on better analysis of company data.

SAP Business Intelligence (SAP BI) is a set of tools and approaches for effective consolidation and analysis of company data, including instant accessibility of results anytime, anywhere. Thus it facilitates better company management in all aspects due to streamlined decision making.

The main benefits of SAP BI

  • Transformation and consolidation of company data from heterogeneous sources into formats accessible to anyone.
  • Technical expertise of resources is not required.
  • Unified access to corporate data on all organizational levels including the authorization of access to data.
  • Reaching a consensus on the interpretation of information.
  • Automatic monitoring of trends and suspicious occurrences in company data with immediate notification.
  • The ability to detect unseen discrepancies in data and anticipate future developments in time.
    Availability of information anytime, anywhere due to the support of mobile platforms.

Customer references

SAP BI – ČEZ – Central Controlling

SAP BI – ČEZ – Central Controlling

SAP BI implementation

Integrated planning solutions with SAP BW significantly simplified the collection and consolidation of manual inputs for management reporting, eliminated error rates and contributed to streamlining and transparency.

Ing. Jaroslav Novák, Central Controlling methodologies, ČEZ, a. s.
SAP BI – ČEZ – Procurement

SAP BI – ČEZ – Procurement

SAP BI implementation

Reporting solutions in SAP Business Warehouse significantly simplified the processes of collecting and analyzing procurement data, eliminated errors, and provided streamlining and transparency. It helped in the overall rationalization and optimization of the procurement process.

Ing. Marek Schaffartzik, Procurement Department Specialist, ČEZ, a. s.