Awarded Sales & Service transformation project at Salehiya Medical

Salehiya wanted to support its strategic business and service growth. For the business transformation project, Salehiya chose con4PAS as its implementation partner, whose leadership and experience resulted in achieving the set goals.


The speed of implementation of SAP Cloud for Customer was awarded the “Exceptionally Fast Go-Live” award in October 2019 at the “SAP Customer Experience Live” forum held in Dubai.

Objectives, challenges & opportunities

The main objective and challenge for Salehiya were to unify the sales and service processes into a currently missing central system for customer management. Primarily to improve and simplify the sales process to make it more efficient and more customer-friendly.

  • Unification of Sales & Service Processes
  • Complete visibility on business performance for management

At the same time, Salehiya had an opportunity to solve the issue regarding the lack of control of the ongoing sales and service activities. Other challenges faced by Salehiya were the problems with the identification and retention of high-value customers along with the ineffectiveness of managing different customer segments.

Why SAP?

SAP Sales & Service Cloud from SAP Customer Experience (C/4 HANA) was a natural choice for Salehiya for its:

  • Easy and fast system acceptance
  • Preconfigured, ready-to-use scenarios
  • Constant, quarterly based upgrade with minimum impact on running system
  • Pre-packaged integration
  • Easy-to-understand-and-operate system lowering training investment

Implemented solution

The cloud solution is fully integrated into SAP S/4 HANA using the SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SCPI). The scope of the activated scenarios covered the following processes:

  • Sales processes:
    • Lead & Opportunity Management
    • Sales Quote & Sales Contract Management
  • Service processes:
    • Customer Service Request Management
    • Analytics for Service


The digital transformation project was completed within 4 months. The speed of implementation deserved recognition in the “SAP Customer Experience Live” forum held in Dubai, where the project won the “Exceptionally Fast Go-Live” award. After successful implementation, the solution was quickly adopted across all internal departments across the country.

  • 1 day of training required
  • No HW costs
  • Easy-to-enhance approach – activation of SAP Sales and Service Cloud scenarios
  • Mobile access availability right from the beginning – no additional cost on HW infrastructure


About the customer

Salehiya Medical started commercial activities in 1964, as a specialized healthcare company. At present, it is one of the leading Saudi Arabian companies involved in the distribution of pharmaceuticals, medical and laboratory equipment, diagnostics, medical disposables, hospital, and consumer supplies.

Deployment of the of the SAP C/4HANA at Salehiya Medical | con4PAS

SAP C/4HANA – SAP Sales & Service Cloud implementation

In order to support our growth plans, Salehiya decided to partner up with con4PAS on triggering transformation project for Sales and Service departments. The project was aimed to improve and streamline our sales process, as well as make our service process more effective and customer friendly. After a successful go-live, we see rapid solution adoption across all internal departments. Having our sales and service processes unified, we can progress now with next steps toward the rest of department transformation in order to follow our strategic goals.

Mr. Bandar Al-Otaibi, Information&Change Management Director, Salehiya
SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer