Complete contact centre built on a unified SAP platform in 3 months

Pražská energetika found in the change of the existing system, which was not adapted to managing marketing campaigns and was used only for handling incoming calls, an opportunity to reduce the error rate of the system, to have control on ongoing marketing campaigns and manage more than 3 telephone campaigns in parallel.

Project objectives

The aim of the implementation of the SAP CCtr solution was, among other things, campaign automation (decision on campaign launch and termination timing, and priorities, etc.), to integrate internal processes using a highly integrated SAP solution, or to evaluate operator calls directly in SAP CRM. As additional goals, PRE has set:

  • Reduction of application integration costs thanks to highly standardized and integrated SAP CC and SAP CRM solutions.
  • Increasing operators’ efficiency.
  • Online statistics, uploading break intervals.
  • Overview of planned repeat calls (schedule of preplanned calls).


Main implementation points

  • Complex contact center built on a single SAP platform.
  • Implementation of the first phase within 3 months.


Benefits – Business

  • 13 parallel telephone campaigns with only 6 operators.
  • increase in operators’ overal efficiency about 30%.
  • More precise and detailed reporting (over the campaign and the operator).
  • Integrated information database: customer history and communication, and call recording.


Benefits – Technical

  • Validation of customers’ telephone numbers.
  • Standardized and integrated system components.
Implementation of the SAP CCtr at Pražská energetika | con4PAS

SAP CCtr implementation

Implementing SAP CC provided us with more efficient marketing processes, such as a clearer customer overview. Since we seamlessly integrated SAP CC with other SAP solutions, we have been able to offer our customers better service and flexibly respond to their needs and demands.

Ing. Miroslav Hübner, MBA, IT Director, Pražská energetika, a.s.
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