Sinch Contact Center

Would you like to provide a faster service to your customers and aim at their needs in real time?
Would you like to provide a flexible service thanks to a variety of communication channels?
Is your telemarketing successful enough during your marketing campaigns?
Do you know how efficient each of your operators really is?

A multichannel solution and a sophisticated tool that lets you control the incoming and outgoing communication.

Service and care for your customers

Provide your customers with the highest level of comfort and variability of communication channels that can be used for communication with your company. A solution for contact centers, Sinch CCtr (previously SAP CCtr) allows an integration of a wide range of communication channels (telephone, e-mail, fax, chat, skype or the web interface).

Marketing and sales activities

By linking the marketing and business initiatives, one can create telemarketing campaigns, which can address customers more proactively and efficiently. Thanks to the fact, that the contact center uses a single platform, you can monitor the progress, development and success rate of the campaign or the customer feedback.

The native integration with SAP CRM

The mode of native integration and the Sinch CCtr create a strong tool and a single, united platform for customer service.

The main benefits of Sinch CCtr

  • Higher efficiency of your sales and service departments thanks to the variability of the communication channels.
  • Enhanced coordination of your resources in marketing, sales and service sectors.
  • More content and loyal customers thanks to the shorter reaction periods and a flexible customer service.
  • Lower costs of ownership, lower need for investments into the technical equipment and a more flexible use of the software.
  • Lower costs for installation and maintenance thanks to the readiness for SAP CRM integration.

Customer references

Building a customer relationship

Building a customer relationship

SAP CCtr implementation

Plzeňský Prazdroj continually responds to changes in the Czech market. SAP CC fully covers business requirements and is an essential part of a modern call center.

Jaroslav Ulč, Head of implementation SAP CC, Plzeňský Prazdroj, a.s.