Contact Center implementation in six weeks

The possibility of using data from the SAP CRM system during a phone call with a customer and simplifying and streamlining communication led TESCOMA to implement an integrated contact center with the SAP CRM system.

Challenges and opportunities

  • Non-existent contact centre integrated system.
  • Need for easy installation into the already-existing SAP CRM system.
  • Availability of customer information during the telephone call.
  • Availability customer communication history in the contact center system.



  • Establishment of modern contact center aimed at customer needs.
  • Facilitation and enhanced efficiency of communication among the distribution, sales and customer.
  • Offered innovative features insuring servicing and contacting customers enabled thanks to SAP CC.


Why SAP Contact Center solution

  • Flexible solution even small contact centers, e.g. three operators.
  • Fully integrated platform meeting customer requirements.
  • Successful integration with running SAP CRM solution as well as the system of customer development for receiving orders.



  • Solution implementation within six weeks.
  • Faster handling of customers’ requirements, i.e. greater customer satisfaction.
  • Communication tailored to customers' preferences, e.g. favorite operator.
  • System alert for customer’s balance due directly during an ongoing call.
Implementation of  the SAP CCtr at TESCOMA | con4PAS

SAP CCtr implementation

Our decision to introduce the SAP company solution has proved perfectly right. It is thanks to provided benefits, a six-week implementation period, and its seamless integration into the already existing system for customer servicing. Today our contact center is an integral part of the customer care process and it also represents one of our most significant sales channels.

Michal Robek, head of IT, Tescoma, s.r.o.
Contact Center