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During the weekend of 7th–8th May 2022, SAP upgraded all the test tenants. The production tenants will be upgraded on 20th–21st May 2022. As usual, SAP introduced a lot of new functionalities and system enhancements. Most of them will improve current functionalities but there are some brand-new functions.

May 19, 2022

Get an insightful preview of the planned innovations for this year's second version of SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C), known as SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud, or under the new licensing model as SAP Sales and Service Core.


SalesSales CoreMachine LearningDynamic Visit Planning (add-on)Intelligent Sales (add-on)

ServiceAgent DesktopMachine Learning

Platform and IntegrationIntegrationOData Framework



Sales Core

  • Progress and Status color visualization for Opportunity and Sales Quotes – Displays color-coded categories in the worklist to improve usability and to reduce the risk of missing actions.

Sales Core - Sales img 1

  • Now you can create a visit directly from the Sales quote to increase the ease of use.
  • A new C4C quote overview for CPQ quotes – Enables simple creation and visibility of follow-up activities, tickets, or opportunities for CPQ Quotes.
  • Adding Opportunity ID and Ship-to ID fields to Basic Search Fields in the Quote object working list helps you find the respective fields faster.
  • Sales Order – Create and edit multiple delivery dates and the requested quantities per product line when the Schedule line is integrated with S/4 and ECC.

Sales Core - Sales img 2

  • Promotion – Trade Spent is now available for the non-integrated scenario too.

Sales Core - Sales img 3

  • Survey – Product sorting, during Product survey execution, the products coming from different product lists, and now you can maintain the sequence of the products for a survey.

Sales Core - Sales img 4

  • Visit Location in the Map – Within the Visit list view and Calendar Day Map view, you can see the location on the Map.

Sales Core - Sales img 5


Machine Learning

  • Product Recommendations – Products are proposed in opportunities and quotes by the Machine Learning algorithm which is based on transactional purchase history. It helps you to improve guided selling and leverage upsell and cross-sell recommendations to increase deal size.

Machine Learning - Sales img 6


Dynamic Visit Planning (add-on)

  • Cockpit Start Location Preferences – Possibility to flexible change the start location directly from the cockpit by using user preferences.


Intelligent Sales (add-on)

  • Account insights:
    • Individual Customer View (B2C) – Consolidated insight for individual customers in one place – Key metrics overview provides you an insight into customer-relevant KPI and helps you to make better-informed decisions in sales cycles.

Intelligent Sales (add-on) - Account insights - Sales img 7

    • S/4HANA Purchase Orders in Customer Insights View – Sales reps can view S/4HANA purchase orders for an account and this supports them in making decisions.

Intelligent Sales (add-on) - Account insights - Sales img 8

  • Guided Selling:
    • My Team’s Opportunities – Sales managers and sales reps can now have a better overview of opportunities belonging to their team.

Intelligent Sales (add-on) - Guided Selling - Sales img 9

    • Auto Assignment of Playbooks Tasks – Based on the playbook setting for a task, the task can be automatically created as a planned activity instead of a recommendation. It saves time for the sales rep, he can act immediately.

Intelligent Sales (add-on) - Guided Selling - Sales img 10

    • Opportunity List Export – Sales reps can export their opportunity list to CSV file format to simplify additional analysis.
    • Opportunity Score Selection – ML or Probability – Configure which score you want to be visible for Guided Selling opportunities (ML score or probability score).

Intelligent Sales (add-on) - Guided Selling - Sales img 11

    • Contact Interaction Threshold Configuration – Now you can define the number of days since the last interaction when the contact interaction recommendation card should be triggered. This enables administrators to reflect on sales methodology for contact interactions.

Intelligent Sales (add-on) - Guided Selling - Sales img 12

    • Area Chart View in Pipeline Manager – Additional area chart displays accumulated opportunities in two groups for the selected quarter: all opportunities, opportunities with a higher chance of closing. You can see how the opportunity aggregate total evolves within a quarter and easily distinguish the portion of high deal score (or probability) opportunities compared to all.

Intelligent Sales (add-on) - Guided Selling - Sales img 13



Agent Desktop

  • Managing channels – Integrate Messaging channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter with Agent Desktop. Agents will be able to review Messaging interactions in a timeline with their transcript and channel information.

Agent Desktop - Service img 1

  • Manual Session – Customers that do not have CTI integration with the Agent desktop can now record the interaction manually using Agent Desk. For example, agents provide support on their desk phone. Users can work on multiple manual sessions in parallel.
  • Chat Attachments – Along with the chat transcript customers can also now store attachment documents that are shared in the conversation.

Agent Desktop - Service img 2

  • E-mail Articles from Knowledge Base – Enables Agents to share the articles with customers easily through a single click.

Agent Desktop - Service img 3

  • Avatars in Search Result – Show Avatars of Customers in the Search result list. Avatars are enabled for Accounts, Contacts, and Individual Customers.

Agent Desktop - Service img 4


Machine Learning

  • Ticket Internal Memo Text Summarization – Ability to summarize the Internal memo and fill its subject. It improves agent productivity by automating Internal Memo Subject’s content and provides the ability to scan through multiple memos quickly.

Machine Learning - Service img 5

  • E-mail Interaction Summarization – Improve productivity of the agent by the ability to summarize the e-mail interactions related to a ticket allowing to quickly read the summary of the past e-mail conversations of the ticket as Overall, Customer & Agent Summary.

Machine Learning - Service img 6


Platform and Integration

At the platform level, there are enhancements on the Home Page, OData, and Integration.


  • Until now it was not possible to replicate registered product data to an external system by Registered Product ID. Now you can replicate registered products that do not have a Serial ID to an external system.

OData Framework

  • Improvement of OData API calls performance when only a certain number of attachments need to be fetched per call instead of all the attachments. Performance improvement as the fetch of attachments can be regulated with the use of $skip & $top avoiding all the attachments of particular collections being read together.

OData Framework - Platform and Integration img 1




Where to find more information?

The SAP Cloud for Customer Community page contains announcements and information for SAP Sales & Service Cloud portfolio. We encourage anyone interested in information about SAP Cloud for Customer to bookmark this page.

SAP Cloud for Customer Community – SAP Sales & Service Cloud (C4C)


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