What's new in the SAP Sales and Service Cloud Release 2208?

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During the weekend of 6th–7th August 2022, SAP upgraded all the test tenants. The production tenants will be upgraded on 20th–21st August 2022. As usual, SAP introduced new functionalities and system enhancements. Most of them will improve current functionalities but there are some brand-new functions.

August 15, 2022

Get an insightful preview of the planned innovations for the third SAP Sales and Service Cloud release of this year and learn about highlights in Sales, Service, and Platform & Integration.


SalesSales coreDynamic Visit Planning (add-on)Intelligent Sales (add-on)

ServiceAgent Console (add-on)

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Sales core

  • Opportunity – opportunity management was enhanced by the possibility to archive and remove opportunities based on a defined retention period. This helps to keep track of current sales projects.
    Forecasting flexibility was improved by the possibility to maintain negative values in the product table.
  • Sales Quote – now is possible to archive unfinished quotes, which means not completed quotes as defined by the business logic.
  • Product – extension scenario Product Plant to Sales Order / Sales Quote item. Selecting or defaulting a plant on item level in a sales quote or sales order provides additional product-relevant information to the user.
  • Business Partners – mass updates for Delegates reduce maintenance time to manage delegates.
  • Calendar – tasks can now be managed from the calendar. Sales reps will have better visibility and control over all their activities allowing them to plan their activities smoother.

Sales Core - Sales img 1


Dynamic Visit Planning (add-on)

  • Multiday planning – empowers the organization to intelligently plan and prioritize visits by optimizing routes for the selected accounts. Sales reps will have better visibility and control over all their visit planning allowing them to maximize performance, save time and reduce costs.

Dynamic Visit Planning (add-on) - Sales img 2

  • Visit Plan – now supports multiple frequency types. In the visit plan now multiple frequency types are supported daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • Cockpit – accounts can now be filtered based on impact and the users can set end/stop location by their preferences.


Intelligent Sales (add-on)

Customer insights

  • Recommended Insights – contextual insights enhance highlights for accounts and individual customers about open tickets, overdue invoices, and expiring quotes or contracts.

Intelligent Sales (add-on) - Customer insights - Sales img 3


Guided Selling

  • Engagement and Last Interaction Graph – sales team members can see customer engagement progress over time and future planned interactions in a graph.

Intelligent Sales (add-on) - Guided Selling - Sales img 4


Intelligent Sales Execution

  • Opportunity Workspace – sales reps can tailor the Guided Selling opportunity workspace view to their needs.

Intelligent Sales (add-on) - Intelligent Sales Execution - Sales img 5

  • Bar-Line Combination Chart in Pipeline Manager – it helps quickly identify the highest-possible number that could be achieved and compare the current pipeline against last year's figures.

Intelligent Sales (add-on) - Intelligent Sales Execution - Sales img 6



E-Mail Channel

  • Send later option is now available. The service agent can decide when the email will be sent to the customer.
  • While sending out the email, there could be a need to pass certain email addresses such as CC or BCC in all forms of response. The new BADI pre-populate / influence the email addresses in the CC fields.

Machine Learning

  • NLP Classification – the natural language processing (NLP) classification model can be trained to recognize and extract the customer ID when it appears in e-mail interactions.


Agent Console (add-on)

Agent Desktop

  • Side Panel Design Improvement – the side panel in Customer Hubis redesigned to use tabs. “Interaction Log” and “Knowledge base” are now tabs, it improves the UX experience and saves space. The “Knowledge Base” tab is improved with search space and either "Trending OR Recommended Articles.” It all improves and accelerates agent work.

Agent Console (add-on) - Agent Desktop - Service img 1

  • Trending / Frequently used Articles – trending articles will be displayed by default when no manual search and recommended articles are available.

Agent Console (add-on) - Agent Desktop - Service img 2


Platform and Integration


  • Attachment Support in Tickets – ability to save email attachments when creating a ticket. Multiple attachments are supported per email and ticket. It simplifies working with attachments in tickets.

Groupware - Platform and Integration img 1



Linking sales quote document in CPQ and C4C with S/4HANA sales order. The new enhanced document flow shows the end-to-end SAP S/4HANA sales orders process.

Integration - Platform and Integration img 2


Data Workbench

  • Import task of un-referenced child records – if the import task file contains unreferenced child records/sub-entities, the status of the import task would be "Finished with Errors” and the data file will have an error message highlighting that the record is unreferenced, and the parent key record does not exist in the import file.
  • Mass updates for Delegates – ability to make mass upload/changes for delegates using Data Workbench, it reduces maintenance time to manage delegates.



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