SAP Service Cloud Version 2 – a new solution for intelligent cloud service

SAP Service Cloud Version 2 – a new solution for intelligent cloud service | con4PAS

This year, SAP announced a new service solution called SAP Service Cloud Version 2. The new intelligent SAP Service Cloud revolutionises the service industry with its focus on speed, clarity, and accuracy.

October 6, 2022

The new SAP Service Cloud solution also revolutionises customer service by providing meaningful connections with customers throughout their service journey. You can align your entire business to accelerate resolution of customer issues while meeting their expectations, strengthening your brand and ensuring future growth.

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The service agent desktop is designed to become a single point for all the data that users need to capture, analyse, and process information. The service agent desktop was created with an emphasis on actions. It uses machine learning to provide the right data, knowledge, and processes to ensure consistent solutions to customer problems.

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Dynamic Case Management and modelling capabilities increase clarity, provide greater accountability and ensure faster resolution. Intelligent Case Management guides service representatives step-by-step through service processes, leading to greater productivity and efficiency.

The Case Designer tool allows users to configure any type of service request or case, including complex cases that involve many steps, systems, and people. For example:

  • analysing and troubleshooting problems;
  • handling of insured events; or
  • registration of new products.

The solution comes with an embedded edition of SAP Analytics Cloud, allowing users to create data stories from simple to complex, on top of the data available in SAP Service Cloud Version 2. A story is a way of presenting data that uses diagrams, visualizations, text, images, and pictograms to describe the data.

And finally, you no longer need to know ABSL, SDKs, etc. to extend SAP Service Cloud Version 2. Extension is possible using SAP AppGyver (a Low-Code/No-Code platform), which allows non-technical users to adapt the application to evolving needs. In addition, the solution can be further extended by creating custom applications using the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). This is possible because the architecture of the product is now completely different from the previous service solution (C4C): it is more open and based on Microservices and APIs.

While reading this article, you must have wondered how the new SAP Servis Cloud Version 2 compares to the existing SAP Servis Cloud solution, what is the future of these solutions, etc.? We will try to answer these questions and more in our next article.


SAP Service Cloud Version 2 versus SAP Service Cloud



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