SAP Customer Relationship Management

Are you in possession of a large amount of customer data, but you don‘t have a united platform on which you can store it?
Would you welcome a feature, which would enable you to see your customers‘ history of communication?
Would you like to target new customers with great marketing campaigns?
Do you feel you could serve your customers even faster and provide them with more information concerning reclamation?

SAP Customer Relationship Management - the acquisition of a customer, the care he receives and the service.

SAP CRM contains a wide array of end-to-end processes for dealing with customer relations and can also be branded as a single, uniform platform for the complete monitoring of your customer history of communication. You can gain immediate access to more information about your customer and his or her needs.

Satisfy your customers!

SAP CRM helps to foster collaboration between your company and your customers, facilitates better communication and helps you gain a better experience using all of your communication channels.

Support your sales team!

SAP CRM supports your staff in carrying out business activities and managing customer communications anytime, anywhere. By using SAP CRM, you gain access to a comprehensive overview of all customer data in real time.

Expand your business!

SAP CRM offers a simplified access to information regarding your customers and allows you to achieve organic company growth.

Customer references

Improved marketing and business processes bring new customers

Improved marketing and business processes bring new customers

SAP CRM implementation

We were provided with greater efficiency of business processes and a more detailed overview of our customers. Since we effectively integrated SAP CRM with SAP for Utilities, we have been able to offer better services to our customers, and thus respond to their needs.

Ing. Miroslav Hübner, MBA, IT director, Pražská energetika, a.s.