New contact center technology has brought flexibility and increased efficiency

Vodňanská drůbež, a.s. wanted to provide its customers with fast and professional services, and at the digital communication golden-era not to forget the development of traditional proven channels, such as telephone, email, or SMS. The implementation of a multi-channel contact center solution also had to increase the comfort of work for operators with an impact on their efficiency and the performance of the contact center itself.

Why SAP?

A multi-channel SAP Contact Centre (CCtr) solution was a natural step forward given the existing SAP IT landscape and pre-prepared integration with SAP CRM.


Main reasons for the implementation:

  • A smooth process flow of incoming telephone calls with full integration in the newly implemented SAP CRM + SAP CCtr, including efficiency and performance monitoring of contract centre operators.
  • A flexible solution as a basis enabling the company to administer other incoming and outgoing communication channels with a relatively small team, which can be dynamically expanded based on current need.
  • A platform which can be fully integrated with future SAP S/4 HANA version.
  • A tried and proven SAP technology.


Implemented solution

The SAP CCtr and SAP CRM solution was implemented according to best practices in the industry (RDS – Rapid Deployment Solution) with integration into back-office systems, delivered and deployed including complete business process scenarios emphasising customer services and care. This enables to directly connect the customers with their preferred operators based on pre-assigned business partners.

  • Implementation of SAP CRM in the SAP RDS (Rapid Deployment Solution) package with customizations.
  • Implementation of SAP Contact Center (SAP CCtr) for incoming telephone calls.
  • Systems integration with SAP ERP is designed to be as minimally invasive as possible.



The automation of the contact centre enables Vodňanská drůbež, a.s. to respond faster and increase customer satisfaction thanks to regular contact with their preferred operators and it improves flexibility and efficiency in operator time utilisation.

  • Well-arranged monitoring of the contact center.
  • Effective contact center productivity management.
  • Clearer control of efficiency and performance of contact center operators.
  • Higher customer satisfaction thanks to a possible preference for communication with one operator.
  • Notification of customer receivables directly during an ongoing call from the system.


About the customer

Vodňanská drůbež, a.s. is the Czech Republic’s largest producer of poultry meat, processing especially slaughter chicken using modern processing lines in three major production plants. The company is also the sole processor of duck meat in the country. It markets high-quality products under the slogan: “Always fresh, always tasty!

Implementation of the SAP CCtr & SAP CRM at Vodňanská drůbež | con4PAS

Call center implementation (SAP CCtr & SAP CRM)

The transition of the contact centre handling incoming communication with our customers to the SAP platform provides us with the right tools for effective management of the Contract Centre’s productivity and constitutes a first step towards a comprehensive multi-channel communication implementation in our company.

Ing. Pavla Bublíková, CFO at Vodňanská drůbež, a.s.
Contact Center Customer Relationship Management