What's new in the SAP Sales and Service Cloud Release 2305?

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During the weekend of 6th–7th May 2023, SAP upgraded all the test tenants. The production tenants will be upgraded on 20th May 2023. As usual, SAP introduced new functionalities and system enhancements. Most of them will improve current functionalities but there are some brand-new functions.

May 11, 2023

Get an insightful preview on the planned innovations for the SAP Sales and Service Cloud release and learn more about highlights in Sales, Service, and Platform & Integration.


SalesSales coreDynamic Visit Planning (add-on)Intelligent Sales (add-on)

ServiceService coreAgent Console (add-on)

Platform and IntegrationData WorkbenchSAP Cloud Application StudioArchiving



Sales core

  • Leads – Sales representatives have a new option when converting, they can now choose an existing account to be associated with the lead during the conversion or association.

Sales core - Leads - Sales img 1

  • Visits – Adding Images into Visit Notes improves the productivity of Sales Reps who can now directly update pictures into Visits Notes instead of managing via attachments.

Sales core - Visits - Sales img 2

  • Survey – Sales reps can delete products from the product survey coming from previous visits and this helps increase flexibility and control for merchandisers and sales reps.
  • Perfect Store – Engagement Map can be copied with all the features:
    • Overview
    • Points of Engagement
    • Accounts
    • KPI
    • KPI Scoring
    • Corrective action etc.

Reusing engagement maps that are already defined helps enhance the productivity of perfect store administrators.

Sales core - Perfect Store - Sales img 3

  • Promotion – Ability to configure whether overlapping promotions are allowed in the system.
  • Groupware Integration
    • Ability to synchronize private recurring meetings to show booked time slots for better planning. As usual for private events, no subject, no attendees, etc. is synchronized.
    • Simplified installation and deployment of the Google Chrome Extension.


Dynamic Visit Planning (add-on)

  • Route Groups – Field Sales reps can replan visits more efficiently by deletion an entire visit list for a specific day rather than removing each visit from the list.
  • Visit List Reasoning in Cockpit – Field Sales reps can see the reasons for planned accounts for any given day. It gives them visibility into why certain accounts got planned.

Dynamic Visit Planning (add-on) - Visit List Reasoning in Cockpit - Sales img 4

  • Support for Skipped Account Reasoning in Multi-Day Planning – Field Sales reps can now see which accounts get skipped during planning for Multi-Day Planning along with reasons and can easily select these skipped accounts and plan them for another day.

Dynamic Visit Planning (add-on) - Support for Skipped Account Reasoning in Multi-Day Planning - Sales img 5


Intelligent Sales (add-on)

Guided Selling

  • Playbook Effectiveness – Sales Managers can see how their playbooks are performing to win opportunities and update playbooks. The following activities are currently tracked for effectiveness calculations:
    • Playbook Activities: Appointments, Tasks, Phone Calls
    • Manually created activities (same as above) and follow on Sales Quote

Intelligent Sales (add-on) - Guided Selling - Sales img 6

  • Expected Value KPI card – New Kanban view shows the Expected Value KPI card by the value of opportunities. Hovering over each segment of the graph shows the expected value for each Currency and the number of opportunities.

Intelligent Sales (add-on) - Guided Selling - Sales img 7



Service core

Ticket Management

  • Reference existing transactions as Related Items to a Ticket – Reference and link existing transactions Tickets, Sales Orders, Sales Quotes, Leads, or Opportunities as Related Items to a Ticket. Service agents can view details of the transactions while processing the ticket via a quick view and also navigate to them.

Service core - Ticket Management - Service img 1

  • Skip Business Checks for Archiving Tickets – Disable the business check for archiving Tickets to be able to archive open and in-process tickets as well.


Microsoft Teams Integration

  • Ability to Create Resolution Rooms for Tickets – The ability to deescalate high-priority tickets by connecting with customers and involved parties via MS Teams.

Service core - Microsoft Teams Integration - Service img 2

  • Resolution Rooms Lifecycle Management – Edition or deletion of Resolution rooms and edition participants for better room management.


Agent Console (add-on)

Agent Desktop

  • Customize the display of Standard and Extension Fields in Search Results Panel and Table – It saves time for agents by viewing the relevant information in the Search Results without entering the Customer Hub itself.

Agent Console (add-on) - Agent Desktop - Service img 3

  • Knowledge Base Mashup – Integration Support for Work Zone and SharePoint.


Platform and Integration

Data Workbench

  • Schedule Import/Export Task – Now the Data Workbench task can be scheduled up to 72 hours in advance. It means that the import task can be planned for non-working hours or days without manual intervention.

Data Workbench - Platform and Integration img 1


SAP Cloud Application Studio

  • The Pilot Edition of SDK was launched in 2023 and on August 2023 will be deprecated existing SDK Build and will allow only usage of Pilot Edition going forward. The new edition brings improved Application Security & Stability, a Modern theme, and a Better User Experience.

SAP Cloud Application Studio - Platform and Integration img 2



  • Archiving was extended by additional Business Objects:
    • Campaign
    • Deal Registration
    • Maintenance Plan
    • Promotion
    • Routes
    • Time Entry
    • Time Report

It reduces data cost, eliminates unnecessary data, and restores performance.



Where to find more information?

The SAP Cloud for Customer Community page contains announcements and information for SAP Sales & Service Cloud portfolio. We encourage anyone interested in information about SAP Cloud for Customer to bookmark this page.

SAP Cloud for Customer Community – SAP Sales & Service Cloud (C4C)


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