The perfect remedy for a contact center

The perfect remedy for a contact center | con4PAS

Find out how Salehiya, a healthcare industry leader in Saudi Arabia, improved the customer experience and boost revenue with a centralized contact center solution.

January 5, 2023

con4PAS, the leading SAP business consultancy and implementation services partner, and Salehiya, a leading company in the healthcare industry in Saudi Arabia, successfully launched a cloud-based multichannel contact center Sinch Contact Pro (read more about this project here) integrated with the SAP Cloud for Customer solution (read more about this project here).

What is the impact after a year and a half of SAP Cloud for Customer/Sinch Contact Pro operation?


Customer service agents at Salehiya now spend less time on calls, freeing them up to handle more calls, resulting in an increase in revenue.




Read Salehiya’s customer story



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