Czech Post is deploying the SAP Ariba SNAP Automation solution

Czech Post is deploying the SAP Ariba SNAP Automation solution | con4PAS

On October 10, 2019, Czech Post began to communicate electronically with its suppliers using the SAP Ariba SNAP Automation cloud solution.

October 25, 2019

The SAP Ariba SNAP Automation deployment is the first implementation project in the Czech Republic for a purely Czech company.


The solution integrates the purchasing processes of existing SAP ERP and SAP SRM Czech Post systems with the SAP Ariba Network cloud solution. Within the pilot phase, the confirmation of purchase orders by suppliers was activated. Suppliers can use the SAP Ariba Network web interface or a mobile application to carry out their activities. When suppliers choose to integrate directly with SAP Ariba Network, they can exchange and process business documents directly in their accounting systems.

The pilot phase is the starting point for the comprehensive integration of purchasing processes supporting the company's strategic transition to a fully electronic exchange of business documents. The aim is to create a transparent and flexible solution that will significantly support building and developing relationships with suppliers.

The implementation was executed by con4PAS, a leading provider of consulting services for purchasing and sales processes with the full support of workflow solutions.


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