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Guided Sourcing – a simple solution for complex sourcing activities in the SAP Ariba Sourcing environment.

November 30, 2020

Guided Sourcing capability available with the SAP Ariba Sourcing solution delivers an intuitive user experience that simplifies the sourcing activities.

A sourcing event creation process is done in the following steps:

  1. Create RFx
  2. Approve RFx publishing (optional step)
  3. Publish RFx
  4. Monitor
  5. Review responses
  6. Approve the best bid (optional step)
  7. Award the best bid


Guided Sourcing key features include:

  • Single page event creation process with easy navigation through tabs.
  • Smart import of event content from MS Excel with automatic data mapping to the correct system terms.
  • Bulk edit capabilities removing the need to export data to make changes.
  • Enhanced search and filtering of suppliers based on these criteria:
    • Organisation name
    • Contact name
    • Contact email
    • Vendor ID
    • ERP ID
  • 360 degree snapshot of invited suppliers with their contacts, certifications, and qualifications data.
  • Easy monitoring of the event status, review, and analyse of received bids.
  • Simple running of multi-rounds events.
  • Instant access to helpful guidance and guided tours of the event creation process.
  • New messaging functionality allows instant communication with colleagues and suppliers without having to leave the event screen.


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