SAP Ariba Network to become part of new SAP Business Network

SAP Ariba Network to become part of new SAP Business Network | con4PAS

With the SAP Ariba 2105 release, planned May 21st 2021, SAP Ariba Network will be part of SAP Business Network. 

May 3, 2021

It is the result of SAP’s network strategy to unify the existing networks covering certain parts of the supply chain within a B2B collaboration:

  • SAP Ariba Network – business network supporting the entire procurement process, that enables electronic communication between buyers and suppliers.
  • SAP Logistics Business Network – central entry point to manage logistics transactions and exchange of documents with key business partners.
  • SAP Asset Intelligence Network – global registry of equipment and assets, that can be shared between business partners.


The new unified SAP Business Network aims to provide an intelligent business-to-business connectivity for trading partners regardless of the different roles they may play across the network.


The building blocks of SAP Business Network

  • A common directory of trading partners, where businesses can onboard or find existing partners or discover new ones.
  • A single data model to enable the exchange of information and insights across businesses and geographies.
  • An open network architecture that supports an easy integration to the systems of its members and helps ensure that integration is never a barrier and data and processes can flow freely and securely.


Key changes to the SAP Ariba Network Supplier accounts

All Suppliers’ accounts will become part of the SAP global trading partner directory within SAP Business Network. The solution change does not impact the suppliers’ account ANID, transaction documents, notification, routing, linked users, or account configurations. The users of Supplier accounts can continue using their Ariba Network login credentials on SAP Business Network.

The users will however notice few changes:

  • All suppliers will see the SAP Business Network solution name on the SAP Ariba Network Supplier login page (

SAP Business Network - login page

  • The suppliers with access to the new portal will see SAP Business Network instead of Ariba Network on the portal home page and workbench.

SAP Business Network - home page

  • Suppliers will receive an improved buyer-branded email invitation with a trading relationship requests (TRR) from their new customers, with the SAP Business Network name in the email header, as well as improved onboarding and account registration pages.


Key changes to the SAP Ariba Network Buyer accounts

For the users of the Buyer accounts, the new SAP Business Network will simplify the onboarding process across all SAP’s networks resulting in one-time registration and unified portal access to all networked processes.

Ariba Network buyers will not yet see SAP Business Network solution name change on their portal, as this is being planned as part of a new Buyer portal, sometime later 2021. The Buyers’ accounts do not require any changes to the network configurations, transaction rules or routing of transaction documents.


Recommended preparation steps for users of SAP Ariba Network Buyer accounts

  • Watch the videos on the supplier self-enablement page.
  • Inform key supplier-facing contacts at their organization of these changes.
  • Update any in-house created supplier-facing training materials and user guides with the new network name.



Where to find more information?

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