Electronic communication with suppliers at GasNet

Electronic communication with suppliers at GasNet | con4PAS

GasNet, the operator of the largest gas distribution system in the Czech Republic, has decided for a digital transformation under the umbrella of SAP ČR. As a partial delivery via SAP, con4PAS implemented a cloud solution for the exchange of electronic documents with suppliers.

May 16, 2022

As part of the transition to the S/4HANA Cloud (2020–2022), GasNet implemented a new platform for managing supplier-customer relationships. The company has chosen the modern cloud-based solution SAP Ariba Commerce Automation that offers an intuitive environment for suppliers without the need for IT infrastructure.

The SAP Ariba Commerce Automation solution streamlines the operational purchasing processes in the area of supplier relationships. It makes communication with suppliers simpler and faster. GasNet has immediate and accurate information within the purchasing process about confirmed/changed/declined orders. Suppliers are automatically notified. The transparent electronic exchange of business documents within the Procure-to-Pay process includes, e. g.:

  • sending purchase orders to the supplier,
  • purchase order confirmation by the supplier,
  • shipment notice to the buyer,
  • receipt notification of the buyer,
  • sending an invoice by the supplier.

The connection to the world’s largest global business network SAP Business Network will help GasNet to establish relationships with new suppliers and to develop them further in the future.


GasNet, s.r.o. is the operator of the largest gas distribution system in the Czech Republic. It provides reliable and secure natural gas supplies to more than 2.3 million customers. GasNet has a roughly 80% share of domestic natural gas distribution. It manages 65,000 kilometers of gas pipelines in all regions of the Czech Republic, except Prague and the South Bohemia region. The efficient operation of GasNet’s gas network, reliable natural gas supplies to customers, high safety of operation of gas facilities, protection of health, people, and property, and environmental protection are ensured by the service company GasNet Services. Both GasNet and GasNet Services are entirely owned by a consortium of investors led by Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA).



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