SAP Ariba – News in Q2/2023

SAP Ariba – News in Q2/2023

The  release 2305 of SAP Ariba cloud solutions introduces many interesting functionalities. The release is available from 19th May 2023.

May 22, 2023

The most interesting ones are:


SAP Business Network / SAP Business Network / SAP Business Network for Supply Chain

  • New feature provides permissions to suppliers to control the interactions to the order change requests. Three new permissions at role creation for suppliers are defined (accept, reject, propose).


Ariba Sourcing

  • Buyer can mark certain suppliers, such as suppliers who do not meet the participating criteria, as excluded. It helps the buyer in decision process if to award bid or not. Marking suppliers as excluded does not prevent them from participating in other events.


SAP Ariba Buying

  • Previously, buying on-behalf in Guided Buying was too restrictive for some organizations, because users couldn't choose their own purchasing unit (PU) or plant. This functionality is now available within the Request-by-PU / Request-by-Plant sessions.


SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance

  • Customers can now securely download audit reports in the Intelligent Configuration Manager workspace, which is encrypted using the public key. Customers can decrypt the generated audit report files using their private key.



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