SAP Ariba – Q1 2021 News

SAP Ariba – Q1 2021 News | con4PAS

SAP Ariba starts the year with the new 2102 release, which is full of innovations covering the entire SAP Ariba portfolio of products and focuses on putting more power and efficiency in the hands of end-users and administrators.

February 23, 2021

The 2102 release, planned for delivery on 19 February 2021, includes:


  • Security
    • Multifactor authentication for user login in SAP Ariba Network and other solutions provides enhanced security using a two-step verification process.


  • Contracts and Sourcing
    • It will be possible to invite up to 700 suppliers to a sourcing event, use search functionality to easily find suppliers and supplier responses in sourcing events, and export sourcing events to an Excel file in the XLSX format when the number of suppliers in the sourcing event is more than 100.
    • Improved handling of attachments to approval emails from SAP Ariba Contracts - this feature enables SAP Ariba Contracts to replace attachments in approval e-mails with links if the file size of the attachments exceeds specified limit (default is set to 15 MB; the maximum value is 25 MB). Approvers can download the files by clicking the links provided in the approval email.


  • Ariba Network
    • The account administrators in Ariba Network can define data retention period as per the regulatory and / or Business needs and specify criteria for automatically deleting transaction documents.


  • Guided Buying
    • In the Guided Buying Capability with SAP Ariba Buying integration scenario, buyers can add limit items in buying requests. Limit items are procured without following the goods receipt and the service sheet processes.


  • Integration
    • Central Procurement integration support between SAP Ariba Sourcing and SAP S/4 HANA Sourcing enables buyers to integrate Sourcing process between SAP S/4 HANA and SAP Ariba through Central Procurement using SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway.


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