SAP Ariba – Q3 2021 News

SAP Ariba – Q3 2021 News | con4PAS

The latest SAP Ariba release, planned for the 20th August 2021, includes several new features in SAP Business Network, Sourcing, System security, Buying & Invoicing, or Mobile application.

August 18, 2021

SAP Business Network

  • The “Items to ship” tile has been added to the new supplier Workbench, allowing you to create ship notices more quickly and efficiently.



  • The new feature “User qualification” provides restrictions on access to sourcing projects and documents based on attributes in project header fields and matching user settings. It is an additional option to the standard user access control settings based on team membership. If a project has the access control setting Private to Team Members as well as the user qualification configuration, only qualified users (users whose user qualification field values match those of the project) can be added to the project team.
  • Guided Sourcing has been enhanced with a few new features, e. g.:
    • Buyers can now create RFx events with pricing conditions for line items. Pricing conditions enable buyers to request pricing from suppliers for different validity periods and/or for different volume scales.
    • It is now enabled for buyers to compare bids in more scenarios. Users can select two or more scenarios and view summaries of the selected scenarios next to each other.
    • Alternative bidding gives suppliers (participants) the ability to submit alternate bids after they have submitted a primary bid based on a guided sourcing event as you have defined it.


System security

  • To increase the system security, a new SAP Ariba audit service has been introduced, which logs selected user and administration actions performed in SAP Ariba applications. Customers may use the SAP Ariba audit service to monitor security-related system information such as changes to user records, application data, and application configurations. The audit capabilities are available across all SAP Ariba applications.


Buying & Invoicing

  • It is now possible to import externally created distribution lists and individual user email addresses and assign those as notification recipients.


Mobile application

  • In SAP Ariba Procurement mobile app, push notifications related to purchase requisitions are now supported. Approvers receive notifications when they receive a requisition for approval or when the requester withdraws a requisition. The application also fully replaces the Ariba Mobile app that has been ended.



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